What We Do

LocumBase.com is the independent online platform created for freelance medical professionals and private practices, group practices, medical centres, clinics and hospitals that enables simple and easy booking and management of medical locums for short-term appointments when you need it most.

Manage your current internal locums and locum positions with ease and peace of mind.

locum bookings

Create your free Practice or Locum profile in just a few minutes!

All our Locums are verified against their relevant professional councils. With our real-time availability software and detailed, transparent Locum and Practice profiles, you can confirm a Locum booking in minutes!

1. Send a direct request to a Locum with live availability feedback
2. Create an open offer and receive direct applications from Locums, view profiles and select your favourite

1. Apply to Open Locum positions directly from your dashboard

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permanent placements

Access our database of over 11 000 verified Locums to find the perfect match for your practice.

Send us a request for a permanent position directly from your LocumBase practice dashboard and we will sort out the rest.

Or contact our Client Success team directly and we will be happy to assist you.

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custom solutions

Our scalable and flexible technology can be optimised for your organisation's unique needs.

The LocumBase booking platform can be re-branded for your organisation to book and manage your internal and external temporary medical staff.

The technology is configurable to suit any industry requiring a flexible or temporary workforce.

Leverage our existing technology and API’s to create a custom development solution for your business.

Contact us at enterprise@locumbase.com for more information