About Team LocumBase

Alone you can go fast, with the right team we can go far...

Why the Heron in flight logo of LocumBase?         

Our founders, one a born solutionist & the other a medical professional, were sitting on a beach in the middle of nowhere contemplating the commitment, dedication, perseverance, tenacity, life savings and general badassery it would take to do something that hasn't been done before, to build an independent platform that provides opportunity for employment growth to many, uplifting healthcare for all and creating a supportive space for every medical professional in South Africa, our home.

The sun was setting just so. A scattering of herons flew across the changing sky, the epitome of freedom. Where the green-grey ocean met the horizon, and the sky burst in an array of oranges, the decision was made - let's do it! If it works it makes life better for many. If it doesn't, we'll have great lessons learnt and one amazing story to tell.

Why does LocumBase exist?

The world moves fast and it's hard to keep up sometimes. The ways we live, play, love and work are changing.
Team LocumBase exists to be solutionists in this changing world.

As a bright-eyed student with dreams of helping others live their best and healthiest lives, you entered the medical field knowing your actions will leave an imprint on each patient you come into contact with. You are an optometrist, pharmacist, nurse or doctor now, but who is helping you live your best and healthiest life?

At LocumBase we do things differently. We envision a future where people centered healthcare is present at a click of a button. We are a team that look at problems from various perspectives. A team of creative solutionists with a mission - use our powers for good, challenge the status quo, create the supportive ecosystem that empowers every medical professional and practice to do what they love with freedom and flexibility, growing their business and ultimately raising the standards of primary health care.

LocumBase is not an agency. LocumBase is not a recruiter. LocumBase is an organisational tool that forms a solid base to start your locum career from, or grow your practice by using locums, on your terms.

As a locum or permanent practitioner you may want to earn extra income on your days off. You may want to work part-time and still have the freedom to spend time with your kids. You may want to locum full-time and enjoy the higher earnings, flexibility and excitement of your changing environment. LocumBase let's you work smarter, earn better and enjoy more time spent on things you care about most.

As a practice owner or primary practitioner you need to rest and revive in order to provide the very best care to your patients. You need a simple seamless way to manage your temporary team and find the best new locums to grow your team with. LocumBase gives you the space to take the time you need away from your practice knowing your business is taken care of.

LocumBase.com is built to serve you in a time when digital technologies have revolutionised the ways we organise our lives and do business. You know you have a team of cheerleaders at your back in every locum situation. LocumBase celebrates your wins with you and fights for you when the occasion calls for it. LocumBase provides everything you need, and some extras you want, to flourish in your changing work environment.

Are you ready to live your best life? 

Are you ready for the Locum Revolution?