Official Press Release

Over the past 94 years, the South African Medical Association (SAMA) has continued to support the men and women we all rely on to take care of our most valuable asset, our health.

LocumBase is honoured to establish a partnership with SAMA to benefit its members by extending its independent online platform to each registered and active SAMA member in South Africa.

LocumBase’s mission is to bring quality healthcare to every South African with the vision to mobilise medical professionals through the use of innovative technology, as the future of work evolves and changes. The technology behind the LocumBase platform is the first step towards making this mission a reality.

Medical professionals and practices owned by medical professionals will now have free premium access to the open market of verified Locums without any fee-heavy brokerage that can be expected from traditional recruitment agencies and labour brokers.

Registered SAMA members now have the opportunity to add their personal profiles to the Locum showcase via and gain access to reputable practice and hospital offers, nationwide.

Locums set their own rate and availability through a customised dashboard, making LocumBase the first platform of its kind.

“We understand that the gig-economy, alongside the need for flexible working hours, is highly valued among our members, young and seasoned. This shift is only the beginning because we are always seeking opportunities to help our members serve their patients and the healthcare sector,” says Dr Angelique Coetzee Chairperson of SAMA.

While the COVID-19 pandemic continues to impact on the country’s economy, Zulé Vuuren, Founder and CEO of LocumBase, explains, “By giving healthcare professionals control over their skilled hours we can accelerate and broaden the horizon of opportunity through cost-efficient, paperless functionality and instant contact between the allied health professional, specialist practitioner, and retired practitioner so they remain an asset to the economy of our beautiful country.”


SAMA members will receive a 12-month free premium subscription to the LocumBase platform, as a Locum and/or as a practice, and a flat discounted facilitation fee when booking a Locum through the platform.

After 12-months the premium membership will be renewed at a 25% discount for all future use, year-on-year, while you remain an active registered member of SAMA. Alongside this value, LocumBase will provide further benefits to each subscriber through indemnity insurance partners, annual tax assistance, and a hassle-free way of accessing working information through the LocumBase dashboard function.

Sign up for free today at and join the Locum Revolution.