Working from Home Vs. Working from Anywhere

Jovana Harkhu
Oct 13, 2021

Since we’ve entered a new phase of what it means to be a flexible workforce, it means that people are no longer “office” bound and they have found new places to inspire their work.  Everything from coffee shops to the comfy couch in your lounge area is a potential office space these days! 

Essentially “working from home” is an invitation to work from anywhere. 

Flexible options are not a new concept for the Locum fraternity, but what it means for Locums is that the general population is slowly starting to understand what a truly flexible way of working could mean as we continue to imagine greater efficiencies across industries, especially in healthcare. 

Locum medical professionals well versed with the Locum lifestyle will understand and empathize with the initial hesitancy felt by many companies and their employees across SA. To offer some insight and advice, we spoke to Tanya Oehmen the Head of Client Success and qualified Optometry Locum at LocumBase. 

Some of the helpful advice she imparted was; 

  • Keep track of the time you spend at work and then thinking of work. Thinking about work is still a type of “working”. This means that your mind needs some downtime and some suggestions to achieve this is to plan some outside or out of office hour regular activities. This could include;
  1. A walk in your complex/garden
  2. A weekly exercise or gym session 
  3. A coffee with a friend and preferably not a colleague so the conversation does not steer towards work 
  4. A visit to a local attraction to remind you that there is a world outside of your WFH world
  • End your workday at the same time that you would leave the office each day. Do your best to step away from work at the same time you would if you were office-based. This will help create a healthy boundary between you and the time you are being remunerated for with your role and responsibilities in mind. 
  • During the course of your day, make sure to step away from your computer. Sitting in one spot all day is a contributing factor to chronic illness. Sitting is the new smoking, they say. This article from The Better Health Channel, an Australian based research company explains the importance of moving around when you are working from home. 

In essence, adapting to a new way of working across industries is in motion and we encourage you to create your conditions for success. Working from anywhere may be the best thing that has ever happened to you, it could also be a turning point for your career as you understand what motivates you. 

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