Why you need a locum & why Locums need you

Garrett Loubser
Nov 27, 2019

At LocumBase, we believe that you deserve to be empowered in all areas of your professional career. Whether you are a Practice owner, seeing patients every day or if you’re a busy Locum assisting many Practices we want to support you as you grow.


We know you know, but a locum is a medical practitioner who has full certification and qualification in their field and is temporarily covering an important medical position, for example, should a Practice reach capacity and need to lighten the workload on permanent staff, a Locum will step in to ensure that the need is met.

The same could be said if a doctor is on sick leave and there is a need to temporarily fill that position. There are many other examples of where it would be appropriate for a Locum to be in a Medical Practice. All doctors, other than a foundation year one doctor, can work as locum doctors.


As mentioned before, a Locum can be a way to reduce pressure on your already hard-working staff or to simply fill an empty position for a short period. There is a new way of thinking that is emerging regarding a Locum as time goes on.

Picture the situation: You’ve just opened a Medical Practice, you’ve rented the required space and worked the area for a few months. You’ve gone as far as to employ extra staff because the Practice is beginning to see some real numbers coming through the doors and you’re slowly becoming the known ‘go-to’ place to serve the community’s medical needs.

You’ve filled all the rooms on your premises with enthusiastic employees and they have added greatly to the Practice’s ability to handle the extra load. There is a room that is being used as a storage space at the moment that you feel could be used for better purposes. You could easily purchase some extra cupboard space to make provision for your storage and place a part-time Locum in the now available extra room of your premises. Trusting them with overflow work to ensure that your Practice never turns away a patient. Increasing your cash flow and increasing your influence.

On the flip side of the coin, running a practice is a harsh task on your mental state as well as your physical state. You, as a Practice Owner, oftentimes need to wear multiple hats in order to ensure that the business side of things run smoothly and that your Practice functions to its best capability -- all while making accurate medical decisions on a day-to-day basis.

A locum can help prevent burnout in a very real way when you need that extra little breather to stay at the top of your game.


Traditionally, finding a Locum has always been a time-consuming risk to a Medical Practice this is because the consistency regarding the quality of Locums has become more and more of a challenge to source as a Practice.

Practice Owners usually resort to word of mouth and the validation off of first-hand experience to decide on their choice of Locum, which slows down the process, not to mention, put business owners at risk in the process.

That is until LocumBase arrived on the scene…

LocumBase provides Practice owners and medical Locums the platform to find each other with ease. By using a thorough vetting and validation process for all LocumBase registered professionals, you can rest assured that each time you book a Locum through the LocumBase platform, you know that LocumBase has gone before you to ensure that each registered professional is of the best quality and validation.

The platform is designed to not only empower Practice Owners by putting them directly in contact with the Locums that they want, but it also empowers the Locum to define their career on their terms by having access to a host of Medical Practices looking for enthusiastic Locums. It makes the relationship easy and empowering for both involved.

Making use of a Locum is a win-win situation for all involved and LocumBase is the modern tool that puts you and your perfect Locum in contact. Get in touch to have one of the LocumBase team members answer any important questions you may have about the process.

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