Who takes care of your family's healthcare costs?

Samantha Aspeling
Aug 17, 2021

According to the General Household Survey done in 2017, StatsSA reported that only 17 in 100 South Africans have access to private medical insurance. We also understand that only 4 million of the 20 million employed South Africans are principal members of private medical insurance. 

This means those who do not have access to medical insurance are dependent on public healthcare. 

As a Locum and Healthcare Professional, you might have access to medical insurance and hospital facilities however, a family member such as your parent, sibling or member of your community may not have the same access. 

Medical expenses are sometimes unexpected and sometimes this means costs over and above the doctor’s consultation, like medication. 

Times are extremely tough and even if you are insured by private medical insurance, your medical savings may run out around mid to the end of the year. 

Even if the medical expense is expected, like the birth of a child, there may be a shortage of funds to see to the full procedure, which can result in financial strain and complications. 

At LocumBase, we empower you with a solution that can help you extend your natural medical sensibility to the ones closest to you. 

Oyi is a Medical Card that is there for you and your loved ones to have wider access to private healthcare.

Oyi also covers your four-legged companions for vet visits and pet medication.

We have made friends with the CEO and Founder at Oyi. After speaking with, Tami Ngalo and he believes that “The Oyi Medical Card is an affordable solution to this issue and allows you [the card holder] the flexibility of saving when you can. Essentially a hybrid between a savings and credit card for day-to-day medical expenses with an extremely affordable monthly fee.”

Here are some reasons to understand how Oyi can help you and your loved ones. 

It’s the best way to save for healthcare and medical needs without the use of a 32-day account. Your medical savings are protected in a separate account and from other expenses, so you always have money available when it matters most. 

  • Oyi benefits you by allowing you to use your savings to pay for everyone in your family, without limitations.
  • You have the option to load any amount onto your savings card that is affordable for you. This means you can decide how much and when to load.
  • You’ll have a piece of mind as Oyi is engineered to only allow payments at medical facilities, for your protection and disciplined saving.

Essentially you have the freedom to choose your provider as Oyi is a Mastercard and works just like your bank card upon making payment for medical expenses.

Some frequently asked questions are answered below, and if you want more information simply click here

  • It’s accepted by all pharmacies like Dis-chem, Clicks, Link, Medirite, Alpha Pharm and many more.
  • It works for all doctors in South Africa. You consult with your trusted doctor and swipe your card to pay.
  • You may also pay specialists like dentistry, gynaecology and pathology services and many more.
  • This card also makes it easy for you and your loved ones to keep track of medical expenses when tax season arrives.

Is it catching your attention yet? But wait, it gets better.

Oyi offers a reward to loyal customers who top up regularly on a monthly basis called Healthcare Advance. You have access to this credit facility based on your top-up history. The advance will be payable upon your next top-up.

Get your Oyi card delivered to you in just 3 days for FREE. Apply in less than 5 minutes, activate your account by loading just R50.00 and have your card delivered to you anywhere in South Africa.

As a Locum and Healthcare Professional we understand that you also fulfil the role of a Mother, Father, Sister, Brother, Aunt, Uncle and general “off duty” medical advisor, we know that a solution like the Oyi medical card is sure to help you and your loved ones. 

We encourage you to advise your family and friends about this exciting innovation in medical care so they are prepared for the unexpected and can start saving for the expected.

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