What is work/life balance and is it achievable?

Zulé Vuuren
Jan 31, 2020

Life, and the way we work, has changed considerably over the last two decades. Technological advancements have made it possible to do our work faster and faster, and that goes for consulting with patients, checking scans and accessing medical histories too.

“Work-life balance” has become quite the buzz term of late, conjuring up imagery of each of us having an invisible scale above our heads with all the work-ish things on the one side and all the life-ish things on the other side, both equal in weight or size or some other measurement that makes you feel comfortable, ensuring a smooth cruise along the road to fulfillment. Is it possible, or even advisable, to compartmentalise that which is so very important to you along such rigid definitive lines?

I think not. In every corner of the world someone will be shamed for being too heavy on either side.

The challenge here is realising that technology is here to help us with accuracy, efficiency and efficacy. Instead we have gotten caught up in a cycle of trying to squash as much as we can in the time “saved” that eventually professional burnout takes you down and you have nightmares where your tech devices chase you down with no escape in sight.

We do have the power to flip that around and use technology to our best advantage in work and life, without compromising either.

Think back to your pre-school days where balancing on one leg was praised, even if you shifted your weight all over the place in the attempt not to hit the pavement face first. It took all your concentration and moves that may be mistaken for questionable dancing, but you did it. That is focused balance. The idea that balance in life means that you have every aspect from leisure to health to work exactly organized, with scheduled impulsive time in the calendar, is somewhat unattainable.

With the right tools at hand you can manage your profession, your practice and the quality time you spend with the people that you love doing the things you love. LocumBase.com is your tool, and your team, that’s got your back when setting up the schedule that works for YOU.

Living a well-rounded life where you manage to experience and explore the parts of yourself and your world that you enjoy most is living. My wish for myself, and for you, is that your life and your work intertwine in such a way that the two can bring you joy as a whole. An integration of what is most precious to you – your people, your talent, your passion, your interests, your legacy.

*This piece contains excerpts from a piece originally written for the Future Females Blog.

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