Success Comes in Different Forms

Tracee Harvard
Nov 13, 2020

Sometimes in life, no matter what one does to ensure success, the outcome can still result in unwanted issues. This is not to say that it’s a wasted opportunity to learn something new and grow from the challenges that arise from them.

One of our core values - in fact, it is the first core value, the foundation on which our business exists - is to delight YOU in everything we do whether you are a locum, a practice manager, or a business owner in the industry.

We have learned that despite it being the essence of who we are as a business, this principle which has great merit and intention, can cause a bit of chaos when things go awry, which for us recently happened.

In this particular set of circumstances, no matter what we did to contribute to a successful outcome for this client, where everything we did, the client was happy with, things kept going wrong as the days went by. One step forward, two steps back.

The beauty of this experience is that it kept us on our toes but mostly it got us thinking. It got us thinking differently as individuals and collectively as the strong team we are.

For us, it’s about pushing boundaries, thinking out of the box, doing something completely off the charts. And so, through the struggles of overcoming challenges, our greatest victory can arise. As a team, LocumBase and the client, saved the day. A huge relief for everyone.

The thing about us is that we are all about professionalism, connection, understanding, compassion, and of course communication which enables us to do our absolute best to ensure you get what you want. And if anything, this lesson showed us that teamwork is the answer. Teamwork with one another and teamwork with you is how we get the job done. Each of us had to dig harder and deeper to find those gems of brilliance within us for this particular situation. But I realized that the more they show up, the more we succeed, and so do you.

So back to the story! We had a happy client! A huge relief.  

But then, the unthinkable happened. Our locum was in a car accident the night before her gig.

Something we couldn’t foresee as an eventuality, but it happened, and our client was left without the service we promised. Life is funny that way. It has a way of challenging us even when we think we’ve got the challenge handled.

Despite all of it, we managed to rectify the situation by visiting the client and getting to know them a lot deeper as people and as an operation. The beauty of this is that while we got to know how their business worked, they really got to know who we are as people and as the brand you know as LocumBase.

In the end, spending time with the client was invaluable. A stronger relationship between LocumBase and the client was forged as valuable lessons were learned on both sides. A win-win in the end.

It may not have been the success we were looking for, but it was a success nevertheless.

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