Our pets are safe because of you

Samantha Aspeling
Nov 16, 2021

Over the last year, our animals have been at a huge disadvantage due to being surrendered to veterinary clinics and animal shelters since the pandemic began. 

We understand this could have led to emotional and physical distress for Vet Practices and their animals.

It is time for you as a Veterinarian to step in and play a part in the everyday lives of our animals in need. 

How can this be done? LocumBase offers you a platform to join the Locum Revolution and start helping Vet Practices in need of an extra pair of hands.

There are many benefits to working as a Locum, and in recent years, more and more veterinary professionals are taking on the exciting challenge.

Some of these benefits include:

Control and flexibility

  • Always decide when, where and how much you want to work. This allows you to use your extra time on weekends or holidays to Locum at Vet Practices in need.
  • You have the advantage to choose your available days on your personal LocumBase calendar.

Supporting income

  • Earn more while working less, or get extra income on the side.
  • LocumBase allows you to pick your own hourly rate based on your experience and qualifications.

Knowledge and experience

  • Learn from different Practices and share your expertise with other teams.

Personal and Clinical Development

  • Most Locums will already have a certain level of experience but being able to work in so many different Practice environments gives you the perfect option to grow clinically and also develop personal skills by meeting different people whether staff or clients and building communication skills.

With the upcoming festive season, Vet Practices will have an increase in vet visits due to pet owners being on leave. Our animals need your extra pair of hands to assist and support during these busy times.

At LocumBase we would like to help you utilise your skilled hours to increase your income.

Our system is paperless and creates a transparent space for you to navigate the open market as a Locum medical professional nationwide.

In three easy steps, you can create your FREE LocumBase profile:

  • Create your profile & set your availability on your Locum calendar
  • Accept and manage offers from verified Vet Practices AND hospitals
  • Update your availability regularly to qualify to be a featured Locum!

Feel free to read our blog here on more benefits of being a Locum.

If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to us on 079 039 6259 or email us at hello@locumbase.com

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