The Last Words Series: Science

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Dec 21, 2021

When the COVID-19 pandemic struck the world, it was difficult for everyone - but even more challenging for the frontline medical workers. They faced issues that they couldn’t prepare for and they worked tirelessly to save lives every day. No one experienced the daily struggles of the pandemic more than our brave frontline medical workers. These warriors have been the lifeline of our society during these difficult times. 

Their message is simple: Get vaccinated, so you can save your life and your loved ones. Have no regrets. 


Vaccinations work, and these frontline healthcare workers have seen it first hand. It is the only way to get to grips with COVID-19 and go back to some normalcy. Learn more about herd immunity and the effectiveness of the vaccine. 

Most of the deaths are attributed to unvaccinated patients and this is where you can make the choice to have no regrets so you can save your life and your loved ones. 

Those that do fall ill even after being vaccinated have a far lower chance of dying or experiencing on-going post illness symptoms, than the unvaccinated population.  

Trust the science, trust the truth and learn more by watching this video.

*Please note that none of the content is scripted or rehearsed. These are all personal encounters from each of the nurses interviewed. 

Find your nearest vaccination centre here: 

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Get vaccinated today, and regret nothing!

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