LocumWallet™️ Rewards: LocumCredits and LocumBucks™️ Allocation

Samantha Aspeling
Aug 25, 2023

In our previous blog, we introduced you to the groundbreaking rewards system, LocumWallet™️, launched by LocumBase, which is South Africa’s only automated online locum booking platform. Now, it's time to celebrate the resounding success of this unique rewards program by diving into our launch-to-date payout statistics of both locum professionals and practices.

The LocumWallet™️ has truly lived up to its promise of providing financial incentives and recognition, creating a thriving community of medical professionals and satisfied healthcare facilities.

Payout to Medical Professionals

LocumWallet™️ has proven to be a game-changer for medical professionals in more ways than one. The annual cash payout in February has significantly contributed to the financial well-being of the locum community. Let's take a closer look at some fascinating payout stats:

Average Payout: The average payout to medical professionals who actively participated in locum assignments through LocumBase during the year was an impressive R1 500+. This remarkable payout has acted as an additional source of income, rewarding them for their hard work and dedication.

Payout Growth: Over the course of the year, the payouts to medical professionals have witnessed steady growth. The accumulation of LocumBucks™️ with each completed assignment has translated into substantial cash rewards in February, making it an enticing prospect for locum professionals to continue their journey with LocumBase.

Positive Feedback: The positive impact of LocumWallet™️ on medical professionals' lives was evident through their heartwarming feedback. 

One locum said, “This is a great initiative indeed. I received the email and the surprise payment and this is definitely a first from any company! I am registered with 3 other companies and there is nothing of this nature with them. It’s amazing to work with a company that views us as more than just a person to do the work. Really appreciate it.”

Payouts to Medical Practices

LocumWallet™️ has not only been advantageous to medical professionals but has also made a substantial difference for medical practices. The rewards system has strengthened the bond between LocumBase and practices, leading to mutually beneficial outcomes. Here are some notable payout stats for medical practices:

Average Savings: On average, medical practices saved R1 900+ on their locum bookings by redeeming their accumulated LocumCredits™️. This resulted in significant cost savings, enhancing their financial stability.

Repeat Bookings: Medical practices that actively utilised LocumBase and accumulated LocumCredits™️ found the rewards system to be a major incentive for repeat bookings. The ease of accessing top-tier locum professionals at reduced costs encouraged them to consistently rely on the platform.

Celebrating a Thriving Community

The LocumWallet™️ success is a testament to the thriving community of medical professionals and practices on LocumBase. There is no other rewards system like this out there that rewards professionals and practices for their loyalty and dedication. This has created a positive and encouraging environment that fosters loyalty, dedication, and a commitment to excellence in healthcare. Medical professionals, driven by the prospect of financial rewards, have provided outstanding services, resulting in satisfied medical practices.

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