Humans Rights Month - Everyone has the right to affordable healthcare

Samantha Aspeling
Mar 22, 2022

South Africa has a two-tiered and highly unequal, healthcare system. The public sector is state-funded and caters to the majority 71% of the population. The private sector is largely funded through individual contributions to medical aid schemes or health insurance and serves around 27% of the population. The public sector is underfunded while most South Africans can’t afford the cost of private care.

LocumBase continues to create a supportive ecosystem. We want to help you and your family overcome the financial stress that comes with unforeseen medical expenses. We empower you with a solution that can help you extend your natural medical sensibility to the ones closest to you.

We have spoken to a seriously successful African Start-Up, TymeBank who has recently launched TymeHealth , in partnership with National Healthcare Group (NHG), and aim to bring affordable healthcare to your family.

So, why choose TymeHealth?

To reach your goals in life you need to be healthy and strong. This is why there is TymeHealth. It’s affordable insurance that takes care of your day-to-day medical needs by giving you access to one of the largest independent medical network in the country. And, depending on which plan you choose, you also get emergency transport and hospital care.

  • Feel great knowing that your day-to-day medical and emergency needs are covered.
  • Get access to over 12 000 healthcare service providers in Mzansi.
  • Enjoy medical insurance at one of the lowest rates in Mzansi.

TymeHealth have 3 plans to choose from and whichever plan you choose – feel good knowing that we’ve got you covered at the lowest rate in Mzansi.

How to get started with TymeHealth

  • Open a bank account with TymeBank.
  • Login to your TymeBank app, enter your details into the TymeHealth application form and submit.
  • As soon as you are successfully registered, you will get your digital membership card on the NHG medical MobiApp. You will need to take this card and proof of ID when you visit a Network Health Provider.
  • Your TymeHealth premium will be debited from your TymeBank EveryDay account the day after your salary has been deposited.

As a Locum and Healthcare Professional we understand that you also fulfil the role of a Mother, Father, Sister, Brother, Aunt, Uncle and general “off duty” medical advisor, we know that a solution like TymeHealth is sure to help you and your loved ones. 

We encourage you to advise your family and friends about this exciting innovation in medical care so they are prepared for the unexpected.

LocumBase is a software as a service platform that connects medical professionals and practices directly with no hidden fees. We have over 4 600 medical professionals signed up to our system across industries and over 500 active, medical practices.

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