How to get your business back on track after a setback

Sam Aspeling
Aug 8, 2020

As practice owners, we’re no stranger to setbacks. We’ve developed ways of coping with them and have our go-to strategies. However, not all setbacks are created equal. We might run into a problem that threatens our business - and our mental well-being along with it. It is extremely important to remember that we never dwell on what went wrong and how things could have been done differently because maintaining a positive mindset is crucial to making a comeback. When we feel ourselves slipping into a negative outlook, it’s important to have a go-to tactic for turning things around. There is no such thing as giving up! Here are a few tried and true tips:

Don’t confuse mistakes for failure

As humans, we tend to confuse mistakes and setbacks as our personal failure. Be mindful of thinking in this way as it can set the tone, preventing us from making healthy and necessary choices. If we have the fear of not receiving enough patients per day, that fear will potentially block us from thinking of new ways to keep our patients happy. If you find yourself slipping into this cycle of thinking, always remember that a wise person is someone who has made mistakes and is willing to learn from them.

Set priorities

What we don’t want to do is fall off track and then attempt to tackle all we desire to achieve going forward at once. Instead, we need to take the time to set priorities and designate which initiatives are most important to focus on now, so we can quickly get back up and start to make progress again. Write down your objectives and make it clear which ones need to be met first versus trying to take on more than you and your team can handle. For instance, if patients wait long to see their doctor, bringing in another doctor should be considered so this way, that practice gets to see double the amount of patients a day.

Track your progress

We may have experienced setbacks in the first place because actions were not being monitored and results were not being understood. Maybe a patient complained they were waiting too long to be assisted and nothing was done about it. It could have been a minor issue that may have caused the setback. Get in the habit of using metrics to track progress so we can gauge what is working and what may need to be altered moving forward.

Prepare physically

We need to get up every morning as we would normally do every other morning, make ourselves feel good, and get into a structure because we’ve got to be prepared physically. Let’s get ourselves ready to walk into our practice with a fresh mind and body, ready to kick off a new start!

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