Festive season is Locum season: 3 Ways to prepare for a Locum assignment

Samantha Aspeling
Dec 13, 2022

Whether you’re a first-time locum or a seasoned one, preparing for a new assignment can be both exciting and daunting. A new assignment will present new opportunities - whether it is working at a new practice or city, meeting new people, or potentially even a brand-new permanent job for yourself. Regardless of your goals, when you are getting ready for a new assignment, all the details need to be clear in order to get started off on the right foot.

Before you arrive

This process starts before you ever enter the practice by coordinating with the practice owner/manager. 

The practice manager’s job is to make sure that all the pieces of the puzzle are in place before you begin in order to reduce as many complications as possible. 

This includes (but is not limited to) location, parking, and where to go on your first day of the assignment.

If you are travelling from a different city, it is important to make the right level of preparation based on the duration of your assignment such as packing as light and as minimal as possible.

It is also very important to coordinate with the practice manager. Make sure you have all their contact information before you arrive. 

What to do the first week

The systems used by the practice will always be mentioned upfront so make sure you are familiar with the systems used before confirming the assignment. Training won’t always be available so it is important you know this beforehand.

Determine where you will be sitting and make sure that everything in your space or desk is exactly how you want it to be. If your office is missing certain items, it is important to let them know so you are not scurrying to acquire them while seeing patients. 

It is beneficial to familiarise yourself with all the staff members of the office because they are vital to how effective and efficient you will be when seeing your patients.

Relax and enjoy what you do

Lastly, remember the best part of being a locum is to just see patients and to work to further improve healthcare. This is one of the best opportunities to further your skillset as a medical professional, to network with other medical professionals and staff, and to make a difference. After all, this is the reason why you are here.

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