Everyone starts somewhere

Samantha Aspeling
Feb 24, 2020

You would think that someone who has joined a company as recent as two months ago probably has nothing to say just yet, but I’ve got plenty of thoughts running around in my head just waiting to be put out there.

My name is Sam and I have recently joined Team LocumBase as an intern.

I’ll start by saying that the team, who I’ll be referring to as ‘my’ team, is amazing in so many ways. Being a part of a team has taught me so much about myself and it happens quicker than you would think. I’ve already discovered that I am quite a fast learner, especially because I started at being clueless about the working world to feeling like I’ve been doing this for years..in a good way! That is because the entire team has made me feel welcome from day one. I have learnt to be focused on what I want to achieve, and I have grown confident and comfortable with speaking to clients over the phone (I am a very shy person).

This is my first real job and getting a taste of this life has given me independence in a new way. It’s unbelievable. Everyone makes mistakes and that is okay too, but to be able to own up to your mistakes proves bravery and honesty, and that is what I too have learnt in this short time. I’m not going to lie, I was terrified at the thought of not being good enough for the team or not being able to learn fast enough, but Zule and Garrett have been patient and understanding team leads. What sticks with me was Zule’s exact words being: “Everyone has to start somewhere”.

Asking no questions means you’ll never understand better. I’ve mentioned that I am a very shy person, so I have also learnt that I can boost my confidence to gain understanding of the company and that no matter how many times a day I need to know something, I ask. It is the only way one would ever get to understand something. My team has a great sense of humour, that I cannot skip mentioning. It is what keeps the energy and team relationship going. That has taught me that a great sense of humour is key to positive relationships in the workplace.

My understanding of the medical world has also broadened because I am interacting with medical professionals daily. I am learning something new everyday!

Because it is my first time working with a start-up company, I get to be a part of its growth. I get to see the changes and improvements made to LocumBase.com before anyone else. I get to watch the platform grow and user numbers increase. I look forward to furthering the relationships I have with my team. I look forward to growing as a person in the workplace because learning never stops. I look forward to becoming a better person as a whole and lastly, I look forward to becoming a genuine part of LocumBase this year!

Family is everything right? It doesn’t have to be by blood but also by choice. Family is everything and being part of Team LocumBase makes me feel like part of a family.

Be part of the locum revolution. Join the LocumBase Community. Let’s go far, let’s go together, as the LocumBase Family!

By Sam Aspeling - Team LocumBase Intern Extraordinaire

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