Choosing the Locum Lifestyle to kick-start your career

Stuart Vivier
Nov 27, 2019

The idea of practicing as a medical Locum is often a topic that scares people into accepting that a full-time position is their only option when flexibility is what they want. Looking for a full-time position in an established medical practice can take time and a qualified medical professional shouldn’t need to look hard to find a stable career in the medical industry.


Consider a season of Locum work as a way to kick-start your career before diving into full-time practice work or in the interim stage while looking for a full-time position in an established medical practice.

The good news is that if you have qualified in your medical field and registered with your professional body, you have the opportunity to Locum. As mentioned in our previous blog post, a locum is a medical practitioner who has full certification and qualification in their field and is temporarily covering an important medical position. For example, should a Practice reach capacity and need to lighten the workload on permanent staff, a Locum will step in to ensure that the increased capacity need is met.

Practicing as a medical Locum, in whichever field of study, is a good way to get broad experience in your field of interest. You have the flexibility of working in multiple different practices building experience and new understanding of procedures, operating systems and styles of management. It is wise to approach your career with an open mind while allowing yourself to be exposed to many diverse working environments to build up an arsenal of knowledge before opening your own practice. Regardless of what your end goal is, a broad understanding will benefit you as a working professional in the long run.


Once coming out of an academic environment, it is good to allow your career to work for you as a professional at times. After working through up to 4 to 7 years (before any specialisation) to achieve your qualification as a medical practitioner, easing into full-time work could benefit you in your longevity as a passionate medical professional as most graduates begin work on the brink of burnout. Locum work is a great way to achieve an 'easing in' phase of your early career.

Using tools like LocumBase, you have the power to set which days you would like to work and which days are blocked off from your calendar. As a LocumBase Locum, you also have the opportunity to decide how much like you’d realistically like to earn for those days you work, putting the power in your hands as a Locum.

Locum work is a good way to ease into which direction you’d like to take, and if you find a routine that works for you you have the opportunity to be your own boss while practicing as a Locum. With the opportunity to decide when and how you work, you have the opportunity to continue along the Locum career path. Locum work can be a successful career choice in the medical industry and with tools like LocumBase, there is no reason to fear the countless opportunities that come with a full-time locum career.

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