A rising demand for Locums

Samantha Aspeling
Sep 20, 2022

LocumTenens recently surveyed healthcare leaders to get a clearer view of the challenges they are facing and to better understand how hospitals and medical practices are adapting to how they deliver patient care. Its findings  – which are detailed in a just-released Innovation & Flexibility: Journey to Sustainable Healthcare Report – uncovered new interest in alternative models of staffing, including the growing use of Locum and improving patient access to care.

Highlights from the survey, which can be found here, include:

  • All things considered, the biggest concerns for healthcare facilities are attracting talent, retaining talent, and avoiding burnout.

  • Nearly 57% of facilities that have not used Locums in the past are planning to use it in the next year.

A Locum can be a way to reduce pressure on your already hard-working staff or simply fill an empty position for a short period. There is a new way of thinking that is emerging regarding a Locum as time goes on.

Running a Practice is a harsh task on your mental state as well as your physical state. You, as a Practice Owner, oftentimes need to wear multiple hats in order to ensure that the business side of things runs smoothly and that your Practice functions to its best capability - all while making accurate medical decisions on a day-to-day basis.

A Locum will help prevent burnout in a very real way when you need that extra little breather to stay at the top of your game.

Traditionally, finding a Locum has always been a time-consuming risk for a Medical Practice because the consistency regarding the quality of Locums has become more and more of a challenge to source as a Practice.

Practice Owners usually resort to word of mouth and the validation of first-hand experience to decide on their choice of Locum, which slows down the process, not to mention, putting business owners at risk in the process.

That is until LocumBase arrived on the scene…

LocumBase is a software service platform that connects verified Medical Professionals and Practices directly with no hidden fees. We have over 7000 medical professionals signed up to our system across industries and over 700 active medical practices.

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