6 Tools that will grow your Practice in 2020

Zulé Vuuren
Jan 16, 2020

The speed of technology developments in the healthcare space has been gathering momentum over the last few years and today you can carry reliable, accurate and on-demand assistance in the palm of your hand with web apps like Vula Mobile, Emergency Medicine Guidance (EMG) and LocumBase, of course!

Your practice team won’t be left behind. Team tools like Trello and Slack aren’t only for the tech savvy kids in the startup world. You too can use Trello to keep track of to-do lists, follow ups and priorities at team level where all can collaborate to get tasks done. Slack is a fast and effective way to communicate and share documents within your team and have ideas and instructions (and occasional banter) on record to always refer back to.

Google Applications are a lifesaver. Drive, Calendar, Docs and Sheets are items we as a team use daily and can recommend to every practice to keep shared documents safe in the cloud where Google protects it with their web army.


Connect with locums when you need it most. Accept the locum jobs you want. Take the time you want, and need, to build the life you want. As an organisational tool LocumBase helps your practice grow by optimising your open hours while allowing you to take the time you need to live your best life and be the best practitioner you can be. As a locum you know LocumBase has your back and your team is on call to support you to make best use of LocumBase Platform features.


Vula puts primary healthcare workers directly in touch with on-call specialists, making the referral process much quicker than by fax or phone. It is a mobile app that makes it easy to refer patients to specialists without the need for unnecessary travel or expense while Improving existing referral systems by sharing structured informed instantly with the relevant specialist. A fast response enabling quality care, anywhere.


EMGuidance is a mobile and web-based medicines and treatment platform for medical professionals. It contains South Africa's most comprehensive, evidence-based medicine resource. Over 1,200 locally relevant clinical guidelines are compiled on EMG ensuring you have the latest info on hand. There is also a growing library of clinical decision support tools. Get it from your App Store or Google Play.


We as a team use Trello not only to keep each other accountable for the tasks on shared boards but we make sure we set our priorities and goals clearly. We see it as a perfect way to keep our thoughts, ideas and actionable tasks in a place we as a team can all see and also believe that it can be useful in any environment where you need to get things done.


Everyone needs to communicate with their team, whether it be high level issues or simple day-to-day communications that don’t need a face-to-face meeting. Slack provides that option in an easy to use direct message application. It keeps all your communications in one place and it can be implemented business wide to ensure that everyone is always in the loop with what is happening.


This trusted Google application comes free with any Google account. It is secure, fast, and user friendly, plus comes with loads of free space - 15GB. The LocumBase Team uses this system to manage all of our files in a safe and secure environment and we recommend it to any practice and locum.  

Each of the above, including LocumBase, has free options for both practices and locums at every level.

We’re at the start of a fresh decade and the tools to make 2020 your most successful year yet are at your fingertips.

Tell us what we can add to the list that makes it simpler and easier to live your best life.

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