6 Reasons to book a Locum during the festive season

Samantha Aspeling
Nov 17, 2022

As December approaches, patient loads will get heavier and your Practice will get fuller. We at LocumBase care about your needs as a human being and a medical professional. We’re here to tell you today that it’s time to take your break.

LocumBase is here to provide you with the top 6 reasons to book a Locum, especially during the upcoming Locum season.

1. Create a work-life balance for existing clinicians

Maintaining a work-life balance is a struggle for many Practice owners. But since the emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, achieving a balanced lifestyle has become more difficult than ever for overworked medical professionals. By providing healthcare services when needed, Locums deliver welcome relief to Practice owners such as yourself who have been stretched thin and overworked to ensure patient needs are met.

2. Cover seasonal demands or extended hours

Seasonal variation in the demand for healthcare services is alive and well. Demand for services is often higher toward the end of the calendar year and during the Spring season, which can extend through the end of the last quarter of the year. Locums can play a vital role in ensuring that Practices have sufficient coverage to ensure all patient needs are addressed.

3. Reduce mistakes

Even the most talented healthcare professionals in the world make mistakes. But they are especially likely to occur when they are burned out or not sufficiently rested. By filling in for overworked professionals, Locums help ensures that all patients receive care from fresh, well-rested medical professionals.

4. Step in for a sick professional

No doctor, nurse, or any other healthcare professional is immune to illness or injury. To properly recover and prevent the spread of infection, it's sometimes necessary to take time off work. Unfortunately, many workers don't call in sick when they should because they feel an overwhelming responsibility to ensure patients receive care. With Locums available to fill in, healthcare professionals can recover at home knowing patients will receive the care they need.

5. Fill in for retiring professionals

Just as no healthcare professional is immune from illness or injury, no healthcare system can escape the inevitability of retirement among talented workers. The impact of a retirement announcement can be incredibly challenging if it was unexpected or if there is no detailed staffing strategy in place. A Locum helps ensure that the healthcare system has a qualified pool of medical professionals ready to fill in for retiring staff while they fill in temporarily.

6. Provide opportunities for permanent hires

When Locums fill in for a recently retired or sick employee, they give hiring managers a good glimpse of their capabilities and ability to mesh with the Practice’s team. Those who perform well often become candidates for permanent full-time employment. At the same time, Locums can evaluate the healthcare system's work culture to determine whether it is a good long-term fit.

Let us help you open new doors to your Practice this season by booking an extra pair of hands through LocumBase. Sign up as a medical Practice here.

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