5 Ways to Overcome A Setback

Samantha Aspeling
Jul 6, 2021

Everyone experiences challenges. It’s how you react to those challenges that determine whether it becomes a valuable life lesson, or not. We have reached the middle of what seems to be a very challenging year and a half. A little bit more than a year ago, the world shifted and our lives changed to adjust to Covid-19.

Your goals and dreams might have been put on hold and you possibly did not achieve them at the time you planned. This was just a setback - you will reach your goals. Below are 5 ways we at LocumBase suggest for you to overcome your setbacks:

Keep at it and keep adjusting

If you do something, do it with passion and purpose. The best way to prepare for what the future holds is to do everything to the best of your ability. Enjoy the journey; it isn’t always a straight path. A valuable experience is often a challenging experience. 

Focus on what you can control

Focus on something you can do or fix, no matter how small. Break down tasks into manageable bite-sized pieces, and complete them one by one. Then take time to appreciate each accomplishment along the way. If you do, you will make it through and come out on the other side.

Have faith and act

No matter what life throws at you, it is an incredible opportunity to grow. It comes down to how you perceive your challenges - and what you do about them. Keep a positive mindset, and frame challenges into your greatest gifts. Find meaning in your challenges, and have faith in a positive outcome.

Time heals all

All things are temporary. Even if it feels like you’re caught in a nightmare, things will eventually blow over and you’ll be able to pick up the pieces. It is never pleasant to have to deal with a setback, but if you address things with sincerity and honesty, you should be able to get back on track.

Get out of your comfort zone

Overcoming a setback may involve making difficult decisions. You may find yourself stuck at home due to Covid-19 with the fear of integrating back into society. Or having to be a parent and teacher to your children over and above a healthcare professional in your daily job. Veering outside of your comfort zone will help expand your perspective on how to optimise and do things better in the time to come. 

Expecting and observing setbacks are the first important steps to start dealing with future setbacks. When you realise you’re experiencing a setback, keep on looking forward. Put your energy into working hard and try something new by getting out of your comfort zone.

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