4 Myths About The Locum Lifestyle

Samantha Aspeling
Aug 31, 2021

Are you currently a professional in the medical field with more time on your hands and interested in doing locum assignments on the side to earn extra income? Or are you a retired professional looking to work in your spare time? You are in the right place! But first, let’s resolve some questions and issues you may have.

A Locum is a freelance medical professional that works in their field of expertise at one, or multiple practices on a flexible basis as an independent contractor. Being a Locum can be fun and spontaneous as it provides the opportunity to explore different workplaces, and interact with many different people (co-workers and patients). It is seen as a freelance lifestyle and is especially enticing to those who prefer the freedom of travel and experience. It is a great option for professionals who seek more control over their schedule, pay rates and holiday time. However, most professionals may be quite indecisive due to common myths of the Locum’s lifestyle. 

Let’s cover 4 myths about the Locum Lifestyle:


Since a Locum is the one that determines when and where they work, they are in the driver’s seat of their schedule. Locums can create a consistent yet flexible schedule that suits their ideal lifestyle. Whether it is a preference to stay in a particular city or take on a travel locum assignment, the choices are available. There is a growing demand for Locums in all areas of the medical field across the country. If you’re adaptable, willing to travel and explore different healthcare environments, you’ll find exciting new opportunities that align with your experience, skills and qualifications.

Note: LocumBase provides a calendar for our Locums to set their work schedule and be in control of when and where they work. It is a perfect balance of freedom, flexibility and stability.


One of the biggest myths that drive professionals away from becoming a Locum is the idea of taking a decline in income. Locums are independent contractors who are paid hourly. This means that they receive more than full-time professionals by the hour. Hourly rates can go 30 to 50 percent higher than permanent positions. Meaning more flexible time or more income, based on your lifestyle needs. 

Note: LocumBase puts the power in the Locums hands and provides a market-related guideline to decide and set your rates for Locum assignments. 


Locums are hired as medical professionals so usually are released from the associated admin and paperwork that would usually take up a permanent staffers time. Thus, Locums are given more quality time to spend with their patients. With recurring locums at a consistent location, it is also an opportunity to develop lasting relationships with patients. 

Note: LocumBase allows for regular weekly and monthly bookings to be maintained at the click of a few buttons when the care capacity is required. This allows for building relationships between Practices and Locums as well as patients.


Many assume that jumping from assignment to assignment will make their work experience look less appealing. In fact, the resumés of Locums are often more attractive to employers as it shows that they are adaptable with a high level of commitment to professional development. It also shows that they have experience in being exposed to different approaches to practices, as well as working with different medical record systems.

Note: LocumBase Locums and Practices set up detailed and visible profiles on the LocumBase platform allowing for transparency in the booking process. These profiles include a short biography work history and key skill sets that provide value for their clients.

Learn more about what to expect when practicing as a Locum by speaking to your colleagues who have taken on locum assignments, ask them about their experiences and of course, be sure to contact LocumBase and start exploring your possibilities!

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