Manage Your Mental Health Costs

Mental health care is often so expensive that it’s inaccessible to people who need it. This has always been a problem and it’s taken on new urgency during the Covid-19 pandemic. For many of us, waiting for insurance companies to come through might not an immediate option.
On a positive note, you do not have to wait. There are steps you can take to better manage these costs.

✔Understand reimbursement policies. Some companies provide reimbursement for a range of services, including therapy, medical management, and psychological testing services. If you’re a full-time employee, find out what your employer is able to do for you.
✔Consider online therapy. You may be able to subscribe and pay a set fee per month for unlimited access to a therapist, which could provide a high level of treatment at a low cost.
✔Take a listen to our partner, Syked and their online podcast - you will find that you're not going through conditions or symptoms all alone.

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