How to Respond When An Employee Discloses A Mental Health Condition

When one of your team members has the courage to talk with you about their mental health condition, how you as the Team Lead responds is critical. You want them to know you appreciate them sharing while also reassuring them that their job and your perception of them are not at risk.

✅ Thank them for telling you
✅ Listen attentively
✅ Tell them you want to support them as best as your company can
✅ Don’t make it about you
✅ Maintain confidentiality by all means
✅ Consider what changes you can make for the overall company
✅ Ask for help from others if you are unsure of the next steps
✅ Refer them to other resources, if available
✅ Think carefully about what type of flexibility you can offer them within their role

Always be considerate of building clear and consistent channels of communication and check-in points with your Team. It is important that you make your team members feel like they can talk to you if needed.

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