5 Tips for Final Exam Preparation

✏️Creating a study schedule helps you to plan your studies so you can use your time efficiently. Be specific and organised, outlining when and how you will review your subjects.

✏️Research has shown that varying where you study actually improves learning. Shake up your routine! Try studying in different rooms in your house, apartment or an outdoor venue.

✏️There are so many great study apps available that are either free or inexpensive, so why not take advantage of them?

✏️Join a study group. Having others to bounce ideas off or a friend’s talent in a difficult subject can be advantageous for your own understanding of the subject material. Two heads are often better than one!

✏️Lastly, give yourself at least a five-minute break every hour to remain fresh. Take a walk, stretch, do something else for a few minutes to catch your breath.

The approach of exams are a time of stress for many students, but it really doesn’t have to be! Follow our tips to improve your results, enhance your learning, and defuse stress. 😎📚