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Zule Vuuren
Mar 8, 2018

The working world is alight with a freelance revolution, and the medical industry is ready to join the disruption. You can choose to be a part of it or you can choose to be left behind.

Taking the leap into the world of professional locums is not a decision that should be taken lightly. For some the security and routine of a permanent position is comforting. For others, the varied experience, earning potential and freedom that freelancing has to offer is the only way to work.

More and more professionals have a renewed awareness of the worth of their time and the worth of their skilled hours. The fact remains that an optometry practice is merely a spectacle shop without a qualified optometrist present; a pharmacy is a massive untouchable medicine cabinet with no pharmacist around; and a hospital or clinic will be in chaos with no nurses there to keep things running smoothly. It is high time for medical professionals to newly accept their worth and understand the value added to the lives of so many.

Practicing your skill as a medical locum opens up a world of opportunity. Not only is the earning potential in your control, it also provides freedom of choice. If you choose to have a “me-day” every Monday, so be it! Perhaps you are a young parent and your child has started school this year. You can use your newly available time as a half-day locum, keeping your skills polished and earning a respectable living while in control of your own time. Perhaps you are retired, yet still professionally registered and can locum for extra income and extra activity. Maybe you are employed five days a week and want to earn extra income over the weekends for a special purchase.

Professional freelancing is a lucrative option for medical practitioners, and with LocumBase, practices and hospitals can be confident that a qualified, vetted and reviewed locum will arrive for their booked shift. With a real-time, one stop online booking and payment platform, LocumBase saves your practice money and time that can be better spent serving patients.  

Whether you are a practicing professional planning a change, a private practice owner re-thinking your service delivery or a hospital administrator crunching numbers to save time and stay under budget, LocumBase offers support where you need it.

Sign up as a locum or sign up as a practice and allow LocumBase to introduce you to a new empowering way of working.

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